Oh My God !   He's SPANKING her !
These are the girls that your mommy warned you about. Wicked, wicked temptresses each and every one and not a one here who has saved herself for the marriage bed (her own that is). These are bad, bad girls, the sort who are not only quick to say the "F" word, but do it!  You may rest assured, ladies and gentlemen, that tardy though these spankings may have been in coming, each was administered with the pitiless ferocity appropriate for truly shameless miscreants such as these.

We invite you now to peruse these samples of our work knowing that you will appreciate the passion with which it was executed.
~ Tara ~
Name:  Tara
Age:  24
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Lingerie model who
thinks she's the cat's meow
annoys the photographer.

Sample Clip: 06.19 MB
~ Jamie Lynn ~
Name:  Jamie Lynn
Age:  28
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Southern Belles are
supposed to be sweet not
hard, but her bottom be soft.

Sample Clip: 11.09 MB
~ Vanessa Vixon ~
Name:  Vanessa Vixon
Age:  28
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  This brat's behavior
is so bad that even her agent
wanted her soundly spanked !

Sample Clip: 11.04 MB
~ Crystal Clark ~
Name:  Crystal Clark
Age:  24
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Her poor behavior
reddened our faces but not so
much as it reddened her ass.

Sample Clip: 06.66 MB
~ Jenni Cakes ~
Name:  Jenni Cakes
Age:  25
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  She promised she
would arrive on time & ready
to work.  She did neither.

Sample Clip: 04.63 MB
~ Vicky Vixxx ~
Name:  Vicky Vixxx
Age:  31
Occupation:  Model / Agent
Offense:  Duplicitous methods
combined with an avaricious
nature makes for a bad girl.

Sample Clip: 08.73 MB
~ Mya ~
Name:  Mya
Age:  29
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Her mouth ran up a
tab that her ass couldn't pay,
except that it did... in spades.

Sample Clip: 08.16 MB
~ Ganelle Angel ~
Name:  Ganelle Angel
Age:  27
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Tardy, snippy and
rude she was, but happily her
bottom was smooth & bouncy.

Sample Clip: 10.00 MB
~ Dee Dee ~
Name:  Dee Dee
Age:  27
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Her conduct was
such so as to place her bottom
in a very vulnerable position.

Sample Clip: 07.16 MB
~ Nikki Brooks ~
Name:  Nikki Brooks
Age:  25
Occupation:  Model / Agent
Offense:  Greedy, ruthless &
opportunistic. Her firm bottom
needed some attending to !

Sample Clip: 11.50 MB
~ Charlette Webb ~
Name:  Charlette Webb
Age:  24
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Failed to exhibit
appropriate obeisance in the
presence of a photographer.

Sample Clip: 05.87 MB
~ Madyson Knight ~
Name:  Madyson Knight
Age:  23
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Her acrid verbiage
presented a jolting contrast
to her succulent physicality.

Sample Clip: 10.90 MB
~ Taylor Nix ~
Name:  Taylor Nix
Age:  29
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  A long-legged fox
who's discourteous demeanor
was no less than indecorous !

Sample Clip: 09.24 MB
~ Smurfasaur ~
Name:  Smurfasaur
Age:  23
Occupation:  Model / Agent
Offense:  Though feisty and
rude in equal measure her fine
bottom is smooth and bouncy.

Sample Clip: 07.13 MB
~ Alexandria Adair ~
Name:  Alexandria Adair
Age:  24
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Swellheaded she
was but her fine bottom would
soon get more swollen yet.

Sample Clip: 08.79 MB
~ Holly ~
Name:  Holly
Age:  27
Occupation:  Porn Star
Offense:  Mouthy and rude
this tart was, but her sweet
bottom bounced delightfully.

Sample Clip: 10.10 MB
~ Laci Star ~
Name:  Laci Star
Age:  22
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Made the mistake
of angering a model agent
who does business with us.

Sample Clip: 10.90 MB
~ Vivian ~
Name:  Vivian
Age:  28
Occupation:  Model / Agent
Offense:  Oftentimes it's the
most glamorous specimens
who most need a good hiding.

Sample Clip: 18.07 MB
~ Ariel Adore ~
Name:  Ariel Adore
Age:  25
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  She's as cute as a
button, but she's been a very
veeery wicked girl.   Tsk-tsk.

Sample Clip: 08.15 MB
~ Johannie ~
Name:  Johannie
Age:  26
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Rude, overweening
and all too quick to throw
a temper tantrum.

Sample Clip: 11.70 MB
~ Insatiable Deziire ~
Name:  Insatiable Deziire
Age:  27
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  When not vamping
for the camera she shakes her bare bottom in a strip club.

Sample Clip: 9.56 MB
~ Briella Jaden ~
Name:  Briella Jaden
Age:  29
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Impertinent she be
but her exquisite rump jiggles
and bounces magnificently.

Sample Clip: 8.42 MB
~ Nancy Vee ~
Name:  Nancy Vee
Age:  34
Occupation:  Porn Star
Offense:  A classic beauty
who's done things on camera
that would make Lucifer blush.

Sample Clip: 10.90 MB
~ Brandi Timmons ~
Name:  Brandi Timmons
Age:  25
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Highfalutin' city girl
who's as purdy as a peach but
she sure ain't sweet like one.

Sample Clip: 7.50 MB
~ Andie ~
Name:  Andie
Age:  29
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  A patrician attitude
the likes of which even an
emperor would find overdone.

Sample Clip: 11.10 MB
~ Alina Ambrose ~
Name:  Alina Ambrose
Age:  24
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  Women with asses
like Alina's should really know
better than to be brats.

Sample Clip: 8.29 MB
~ Angelica Vamp ~
Name:  Angelica Vamp
Age:  27
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  A tad hard edged
this sexy tart be, but her pale
bottom is smooth and soft.

Sample Clip: 9.44 MB
~ Sara Liz ~
Name:  Sara Liz
Age:  27
Occupation:  Model
Offense:  She let her success
go to her head, but that's ok
we got to her bottom.

Sample Clip: 8.44 MB
~ Stephanie ~
Name:  Stephanie
Age:  22
Occupation:  Model
Offense: Another pretentious
supermodel wannabe in need
of a down-home reality check.

Sample Clip: 7.32 MB
~ Jacky Joy ~
Name: Jacky Joy
Age:  25
Occupation: Pornstar
Offense: Google her name
and you'll see that she's been
veeery naughty. Nice ass too.

Sample Clip: 8.38 MB
~ Summer ~
Name: Summer
Age:  29
Occupation: Model
Offense: Her love of money is
so far beyond unseemly that
it's actually almost frightening.

Sample Clip: 14.01 MB
~ Ashley Graham ~
Name: Ashley Graham
Age:  21
Occupation: Model
Offense: Flighty princess with
a very short attention span
and an aversion to work.

Sample Clip: 07.71 MB
~ Tabitha ~
Name: Tabitha
Age:  28
Occupation: Model
Offense: A discourteous user
of tobacco who is woefully
lacking in good breeding.

Sample Clip: 13.31 MB
~ Anna Sundquist ~
Name: Anna Sundquist
Age: 27
Occupation: Model
Offense: Mercenary and,
yes, even larcenous behavior.

Sample Clip: 2.21 MB
~ Heather Monroe ~
Name: Heather Monroe
Age:  26
Occupation: Model
Offense: A classic beauty
with an uncommonly fine ass
best not sass the photograher

Sample Clip: 23.70 MB
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